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Port Tampa Bay busy with cold storage facility construction, new berth, gantry cranes

Here's a look at the latest growth  and investments at Port Tampa Bay.

CSX terminal key to thousands of new jobs in Central Florida

About 300,000 freight containers loaded with everything from tee shirts to televisions will pass through the terminal at the planned CSX Central Florida Logistics Center in Winter Haven. The terminal opened in April with about 30 employees. CSX officials say about 1,800 direct jobs and about 8,500 indirect jobs will be created in the next decades as warehouse, manufacturing and distribution facilities open on more than 930 acres surrounding the terminal.

British Bi-fold Door Manufacturer Opens In Venice

Venice is chosen for the American headquarters for United Kingdom-based manufacturer, Origin Bi-fold Doors. Its aluminium bi-folding doors appeal to luxury home builders and developers of hotels, retail and restaurants that want to create integrated indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Ex-Lawyer Follows Dream To Open Micro-Brewery

Kent Bailey is following his dream and his passion for home-brewing craft beers. As of November he gave up his law practice. By March he plans to open Coppertail Brewing Co. on Second Avenue in East Ybor, delivering the first bottles of Coppertail beer to area bars, restaurants and grocery stores.

Tampa Port Authority To Build Oil Recycling Facility

A new oil-recycling facility on 12 acres at Pendola Point in Tampa is expected to create hundreds of jobs during a two-year construction phase and about 75 jobs when it's fully operational.

Sarasota EDC Recognizes Top Companies

Oshkosh Corp. Relocates Businesses to Tampa Bay

A conglomerate specializing in specialty trucks and equipment is merging subsidiaries and moving them to the Tampa Bay region.

Oshkosh Corporation has consolidated manufacturing operations of MedTec Ambulances with that of Pierce Manufacturing, its producer of fire trucks, located in Bradenton.

Oshkosh Specialty Vehicles (OSV) will merge with Frontline Communications in Clearwater. The two companies manufacture specialty vehicles outfitted with communications capabilities such as news trucks, police and military vehicles.

The planned relocation of both subsidiaries qualify Oshkosh for up to $1.44 million in economic development incentives. Enterprise Florida and the governor's Office of Tourism, Trade and Economic Development worked with Tampa Bay officials and economic development organizations to assist in relocating the Oshkosh operations. The move is expected to produce up to 200 jobs.

"Historically,we have found Florida to be a good location for our businesses," says John Daggett of the Oshkosh Corporation. "Our facilities have been there for some time and both Frontline and our Pierce Florida locations have found it very conducive for business. After an extensive review of Oshkosh's manufacturing locations across the country and close consultations with Florida officials, Oshkosh  determined that Florida provided the most competitive business environment for the future of these businesses. It optimizes our manufacturing capacities and allows us to remain competitive in very competitive markets."

According to Daggett, Frontline vehicles have been used to broadcast Super Bowl and Olympics events, and products of all four companies are used by law enforcement, fire rescue, medical and military units that need and demand durable products of high-quality.

Writer: Missy Kavanaugh
Source: John Daggett, Oshkosh Corporation

Mosaic To Build Resort On Reclaimed Land In Polk

A Central Florida phosphate producer is breaking ground in more ways than one.

The Mosaic Company announced plans to build a resort in Polk County that will include two 18-hole golf courses, 140 guest rooms, five villas, a full-service spa, conference center, three restaurants, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, bass fishing, a sporting clays range and hiking and nature trails. It is Mosaic's first official real estate undertaking.

Dubbed Streamsong Resort, the vacation destination is to be built on 16,000 acres of reclaimed land that was formerly used to mine phosphate.

"Reclamation is an ongoing effort for the Mosaic footprint," says David Townsend, assistant VP of public affairs for Mosaic in making the announcement on Wednesday, Nov. 17. "It's an ongoing way of life for us."

Townsend says much of the Lakeland area is formerly mined land, reclaimed and redeveloped as part of the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 that requires all mining projects submit a reclamation plan before mining the land.

"Much of Lakeland is reclaimed land," continues Townsend. "Its housing communities, golf courses, commercial areas, shopping centers, parks such as Alafia River State Park. Vast areas of Polk County are located on reclaimed land."

Although Renaissance Golf Design has already begun work on the two golf courses, completion of the resort itself is planned for 2013. Alberto Alfonso of Alfonso Architects is the lead architect for the resort, which is expected to provide 200 permanent jobs to area residents and help fuel Polk County's economy through bed taxes and other tourism opportunities.

Writer: Missy Kavanaugh
Source: David Townsend, Mosaic

Starflower Essentials: Organic Beauty Company Moves to Sarasota

Starflower Essentials, a holistic skincare products manufacturer, has moved to Sarasota.

Starflower President and CEO Cherylyn Van Kirk says Tampa Bay's physical and economic climate motivated the move from Austin, TX.

"I love the climate, the culture and general ambiance of Sarasota," she says. "I feel something special here. I see a growing conscious community open and receptive to making healthy lifestyle choices whether it pertains to food, greener personal living space, personal care products or choosing to spend more quality time on things that matter. This is a trend sprouting across the country and I feel it quite strongly here."

Van Kirk founded Starflower Essentials in 1994. The company currently supplies more than 100 all-natural skincare products to spas, boutiques and wellness centers across the county. The products are made of certified organic, food-grade ingredients that are biodynamically grown and processed in small batches to preserve potency.

Van Kirk plans to move her processing plant to Sarasota next year, after she's established her new base and established relationships with beauty and wellness businesses in the area.

"My role here now is to begin a public relations campaign and let the Sarasota community know we are here," she says. "I am working to establish partnerships with three or four spas in various locations around Sarasota. One of these spas is the Vintage Salon & Spa."

Van Kirk says she plans to offer training for estheticians from the U.S. and Canada at her new location. "They can come and enjoy beautiful Sarasota."

Writer: Missy Kavanaugh
Source: Cherylyn Van Kirk, Starflower Essentials

Buddy Brew Coffee Opens Cafe On Kennedy In Tampa

Who knew coffee-making, like wine, was such an art? Susan and David Ward, that's who.

The couple, who own and operate Buddy Brew Coffee in Tampa, recently opened a storefront at 2020 W. Kennedy Blvd. to accommodate their growing business.

"First and foremost we're a coffee roaster," says Susan. "But we found this great space with big windows and a great door. So we ended up opening a small coffee shop with a bar, a couch, tables and chairs. The roaster is on a stage where people can watch the coffee as it's roasted."

The couple's coffee passion drove them to abandon the corporate world a couple of years ago and embrace their shared entrepreneurial spirit.

"We love the whole process of coffee," says Ward. "The taste and experience, what happens around it and the community it creates," says Ward. "Roasting coffee is the perfect combination of science and art."

Ward and her husband began by giving out bags of coffee they roasted with their home roaster to friends and family for the holidays. The reviews were so positive, the couple decided to invest in a commercial 1,000-pound Dietrich roaster and began selling online. They are passionately committed to quality.

"Anyone can turn a bean brown," says Ward. "But to really bring out all of the great natural flavors in each bean, it is a true art and science. How you treat each batch of beans brings out different flavors in the bean. Just like wine, there are so many nuances: body, finish and flavor. We spend hours creating roast profiles for each type of bean we roast."

The business is named for the couple's 13-year-old golden retriever. When asked if Buddy's a fixture in the new store, Ward laughs. "He makes guest appearances. He likes his time on the couch."

Writer: Missy Kavanaugh
Source: Susan Ward, Buddy Brew Coffee
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