Tavern Showcasing Old-Florida Style Opens In Central St. Petersburg

When Jamie Farquharson and Evelyn Powell acquired the storefront property at 2451 Central Ave. in St. Petersburg, they decided to start over -- literally and figuratively.

"We totally gutted the building," explains Farquharson. "It had been a food and beverage operation, but we basically built it to look like it's been here for about 40 years."

What they've created is now a unique tavern called Beak's Old Florida. The restaurant and bar venue offers patrons a casual main room, an outdoor bamboo dining bar and a garden patio with free live music and a "comfort food" menu serviced six nights a week as well as Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Farquharson is the creator of The Bubble Room, which he owned and operated for 13 years before selling the franchise in 1991 and moving to St. Pete. He and Powell opened Beak's in 2006.

"We just love the area," says Farquharson. "The area that we're in -- the Grand Central district — is just fabulous. It's one human family. It's got all different kinds of people living here. It's representative in my opinion of how society should be in terms of diversity."

Farquharson is proud of Beak's position in that community. "We're racially mixed, economically diverse and we welcome people from all walks of life. There's great pride for people who live in this area. For their accomplishments and what they value in life. It's really not about money. It's about quality of life."

Beak's Old Florida is for the over-21 crowd only and is open Tuesday through Friday from 4 p.m. until close, and noon until close on Saturdays and Sundays. Featured banks include Dave & Rogers, Bradley Ashby and Bob Jockers.

Writer:  Missy Kavanaugh
Source: Jamie Farquharson, Beak's Old Florida

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