Brown & Brown Insurance Company Moves Into New Clearwater Office

The Pinellas County office of Brown & Brown Insurance has moved into a LEED-certified building at 83 Park Place in Clearwater. The insurance company was previously located at 17757 US Highway 19 N.

"We liked the fact that it was a green building and it provides convenient commuting for our employees between Clearwater and Tampa," says Dana Ludwig, vice president of the Pinellas location.

The Class A, LEED-Gold-registered commercial space is designed to collect rainwater from its drainage system, which can then be used to irrigate the building's landscaping. In addition, the building's solar-banned windows are triple paned and wind rated for 130 mile-per-hour winds.

"In our business we keep a lot of records," Ludwig explains. "This building is much safer in an area prone to hurricanes and high-storm winds. When our team went through the selection process, we believed if we could get a green building it would make a positive statement about our company."

LEED is the nationally accepted benchmark that measures sustainability in design, construction and operation as well as water efficiency, materials, resources and indoor quality. The building's official certification is pending completion of additional construction.

Brown & Brown Insurance
is ranked by Business Insurance magazine as the sixth-largest independent insurance intermediaries in the world, with locations throughout the United States and England. The 70-year-old company enjoys favorable rankings from Standard & Poor's, as well as from Forbes and Fortune magazines.

"We're encouraged by the demand for green office space," says Paul Engelhardt, vice president of Hallmark Development, the company leasing the building. "Having well-respected companies like Brown & Brown embrace the principles of green building is further proof that the earth-friendly building is here to stay."

Writer: Missy Kavanaugh
Source: Dana Ludwig, Brown & Brown Insurance

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