Bayshore Solutions Adds Space, Jobs In Tampa

Upon renewing a five-year lease a few months ago, Web development firm Bayshore Solutions took advantage of the opportunity adding services and employees and expanding its headquarters' office space.

"We really wanted to create a more creative workspace for our employees and a space that better represents who we are for potential clients," says Doug Pace, executive vice president and chief operating officer for the company. "I think where you work in is an extension of your company's culture."

In updating the space, the company moved the door and reception area to create a more intimate feel; changed wall colors from ivory to light blues, dark blues and grays; added glass partitions to employee cubicles to ensure privacy; implemented kitchen and common space enhancements and additions (including game consoles in the common area); brought in new furniture to display trophies and achievements, as well as artwork displaying past projects; and even a incorporated a new etching onto the glass of the conference room door.

But despite the new amenities, the company didn't have to break the bank -- most of the renovation costs were absorbed by Bayshore Solutions' extension of their lease, as well as negotiations made with the landlord of their corporate headquarters on Westshore Boulevard. According to Pace, the only other investment the company made was the furniture, artwork and other decorating materials for the new space, and every penny was worth it.

"We have already seen a measurable increase in the attitude, creativity and production of our employees," says Pace. "We have also seen a similar reaction from clients that come in and work with us in our office. I think the renovation really helps to influence mood, commitment and creativity -- a stale workspace results in stale ideas."

Currently, the renovation is about 95 percent complete; final touches and enhancements are being made to the complete the project. Bayshore Soultions is planning an open house for clients and friends later this summer.

Source: Doug Pace, Bayshore Solutions
Writer: Alexis Quinn Chamberlain

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