The Local 662: New Musical Powerhouse In St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg's Central Avenue has a new hangout.

The Local 662, sitting squarely between Daddy Kool Records and Central Deli in downtown St. Petersburg, is a new hangout for those with eclectic musical tastes and an appreciation for cutting-edge acts. The new digs offer everything from surf rock to rockabilly, reggae to soul, with a mix of everything in between.

Owners Mark Assiff and Tony Rifugiato are hoping to bring a new kind of nightlife to the 'Burg.

"We want to give artists and musicians a home base," says Assiff. "We're trying to provide a pro-music atmosphere where artists and their fans are set up properly."

Assiff and Rifugiato bring more than 15 years' experience to their new enterprise. Assiff is managing partner of the State Theater with Rifigiato, who also owns music promotions company No Clubs Productions, along with The Orpheum in Ybor City, and Daddy Kool Records next door. The two hope their pooled resources result in powerhouse musical experiences for St. Pete music lovers. "Between the State Theater, No Clubs and Daddy Kool Records, we have a lot of connections that we're trying to bring to the local scene," says Assiff.

He points out that having the State Theater across the street provides Local 662 guests a unique opportunity. "If you show up here after a show at the State, you'll hear more great music with no cover. And who knows? Band members may come across the street to relax and jam with other musicians. You may get more than your money's worth on any given night."

In addition to hosting national acts, the space features a mix of original sculpture, painting and photography along the walls of the bar and lounge area. Assiff says he plans to curate seasonal collections and host art shows there in the future.

Writer: Missy Kavanaugh
Source: Mark Assiff, The Local 662

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