FMoPA Creates Buzz About Move Into Cube, Tampa

Downtown Tampa's Florida Museum of Photographic Arts (FMoPA) is moving and Tom Jennus of Trickey Jennus couldn't be more excited about his involvement in the process.

As part of the creative marketing and advertising company's participation in a yearly nonprofit, pro bono event called CreateAThon, Trickey Jennus was charged with this: How to create buzz regarding FMoPA's move into downtown Tampa's Rivergate Tower.

“We wanted to do something a little outside of the box,” Jennus says. “'See what's developing' is the teaser line that we came up with, installing images from past, present, future and permanent FMoPA collections onto the windows of the Rivergate Tower building.”

Located at 400 North Ashley Dr. in downtown Tampa, the Rivergate Tower's architecturally significant 515,965-square-foot cube consists of six stories. FMoPA is currently making the move into the second and third floors of the building, launching its Move the Museum capital campaign. The museum is scheduled to open its first exhibition in the new location in March 2012.

“The move, as a whole, is really great for the museum because there's now this one block in the City of Tampa that's become an art district,” Jennus says. “You've got the Glazer Childrens Museum, the Tampa Museum of Art and now the FMoPA. Having them all in one central location is really beneficial for everyone at these museums, giving them a lot more exposure.”

Installation of the “See What's Developing” advertising campaign created by Trickey Jennus began on February 4th, seeing completion just three days later on February 6th. Fastsigns on Kennedy Boulevard donated a large portion of the graphics while Bay Area Window Cleaning performed the actual installation process.

“The end product is absolutely stunning. Hopefully we can help the museum get the word out about the move,” Jennus says. “There are literally thousands of nonprofit organizations in the Tampa bay area that don't have the basic means of communication -- marketing materials, brochures, fliers -- and we're very glad to help them. The work we do for the CreateAThon is some of the most inspiring work we do all year and we really look forward to the process.”

Trickey Jennus' FMoPA ads will remain on the Rivergate Tower for two months.

Writer: Alexis Quinn Chamberlain
Source: Tom Jennus, Trickey Jennus
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