Fresh: New Downtown Tampa Eatery Offers Creative Concepts In Dining

What if you took innovative food service concepts from Miami and New York and brought them to Tampa? You'd have Fresh.

"Actually it's five concepts rolled into one," says owner Bryan Goodell. "We've combined stand-alone concepts that have worked other places and brought them under one roof."

Fresh offers a cereal bar, a salad emporium, soup kettle, panini press and frozen wonderland. It opens on July 20 at 507 N. Franklin Street in downtown Tampa.

According to Goodell, the cereal bar is a popular concept in Miami that Fresh is integrating into its store. "Our cereal bar features 40 to 50 cereals, which can be combined to make custom ones. We also give customers their choice of milk flavorings. If you want Bailey's on your Coco Puffs, you can do it. The choices are literally insane."

Fresh's salad bar is patterned after the New York concept, says Goodell. "We've created our own salads and 30 signature dressings," he says. "If you can create a flavor in your head, our Fresh Makers will make it for you. We also offer a hand-held salad. We'll take what you've created, and wrap it in iceberg or something like it.

We're going to stay away from plastics," continues Goodell. We've looked high and low for different materials so we're not giving people containers they're going to use for five minutes and then throw away."

Goodell says the panini press works in the same way as the cereal and salad bar. "We have paninis we've created, but customers are welcome to create their own as well. Our soups are made from seasonal, fresh ingredients each day.

Customers can finish their meal with a trip to the frozen wonderland section, patterned after creamery ice cream stores. Customers can order a concoction created by Fresh, or one of their own.

Writer: Missy Kavanaugh
Source: Bryan Goodell, Fresh

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