The Naked Florist: Sarasota Flower Shop Goes For Provocative Sales

A new flower shop has opened in Sarasota with a provocative name.

The Naked Florist, at 425 Central Ave., is owned by Roger Capote, a transplant from Miami.

"I love the art here," says Capote. Sarasota lends itself to artwork. The florists in town are very traditional and I'm not at all. I'm a pretty provocative guy. I like to stir the pot. I use only organic flowers, and I thought, organic, naked: The Naked Florist."

Capote says he uses a very selective array of organic flowers. He became committed to organics after learning what pesticides do to the flower farmers who grow them for the floral industry.

"When farmers in other countries farm these flowers, the pesticides they use are harmful to them. If they were to pick the flowers without these special gloves they wear, the chemicals would actually burn the skin right off their hands.

"It's all about being environmentally conscious," Capote continues. "I compost all the trimmings from my designs. All the glass is recycled glass, the candles I sell are organic. My store is 95 percent organic."

Aside from his commitment to organic living, Capote loves what he does. "I don't like to call myself a florist," he says. "I play and work with flowers. I have too much fun doing what I do. It's innovative design. They're unique. I like to tell people, 'It's everything you've ever wanted but nothing you've ever seen before.' ''

"I was born and raised in Miami, and it's all about the 'wow' factor there. I wanted to bring a little bit of that to Sarasota."

Writer: Missy Kavanaugh
Source: Roger Capote, The Naked Florist
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