Oshkosh Corp. Relocates Businesses to Tampa Bay

A conglomerate specializing in specialty trucks and equipment is merging subsidiaries and moving them to the Tampa Bay region.

Oshkosh Corporation has consolidated manufacturing operations of MedTec Ambulances with that of Pierce Manufacturing, its producer of fire trucks, located in Bradenton.

Oshkosh Specialty Vehicles (OSV) will merge with Frontline Communications in Clearwater. The two companies manufacture specialty vehicles outfitted with communications capabilities such as news trucks, police and military vehicles.

The planned relocation of both subsidiaries qualify Oshkosh for up to $1.44 million in economic development incentives. Enterprise Florida and the governor's Office of Tourism, Trade and Economic Development worked with Tampa Bay officials and economic development organizations to assist in relocating the Oshkosh operations. The move is expected to produce up to 200 jobs.

"Historically,we have found Florida to be a good location for our businesses," says John Daggett of the Oshkosh Corporation. "Our facilities have been there for some time and both Frontline and our Pierce Florida locations have found it very conducive for business. After an extensive review of Oshkosh's manufacturing locations across the country and close consultations with Florida officials, Oshkosh  determined that Florida provided the most competitive business environment for the future of these businesses. It optimizes our manufacturing capacities and allows us to remain competitive in very competitive markets."

According to Daggett, Frontline vehicles have been used to broadcast Super Bowl and Olympics events, and products of all four companies are used by law enforcement, fire rescue, medical and military units that need and demand durable products of high-quality.

Writer: Missy Kavanaugh
Source: John Daggett, Oshkosh Corporation

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