Two East Tampa Projects Are Ready For Business

Two buildings in east Tampa have been purchased to be spruced up and reintroduced into the market.

Lakeview Center is a 187,500-square-foot office campus at 6700 Lakeview Drive. Eastponte is an 85,063-square-foot office building at 3802 Corporex Park Drive. Both properties were acquired on March 25, 2011, by a partnership between Penn-Florida Companies and Edge Principal Advisors, LLC.

Jason Isaacson, Penn-Florida's president, says he is optimistic about Tampa's future.

"I think you're really going to see Tampa grow over the next couple of years," says Isaacson. " And the things that make Tampa so great -- great quality of life, sunshine, tremendous infrastructure, an airport, all for little money -- make the area even more attractive. Then you add a large unemployed labor pool and prices that have  come down. All these things make Tampa very attractive to large companies looking for space. Tampa has a great thing going."

Isaacson says east Tampa, in particular, shows a lot of promise.

"East Tampa is a very relevant to what's going on in the marketplace today. It has all of the elements a tenant is looking for. There are some fantastic properties here for data operations. Tampa has always been a home to that sort of business."

Isaacson says the new buildings should be ready for occupancy by Summer 2011.

"The plan  is to come in and renovate the common areas and provide amenities. We'll start those in the next 45 days and be completed by the time summer ends. Then we'll reintroduce the product to the marketplace."

Writer: Missy Kavanaugh
Source: Jason Isaacson, Penn-Florida Companies
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