Magnetic Research Facility Moves To Clearwater

Pico-Tesla Magnetic Therapies opened a Clearwater office in April to facilitate its research for Parkinson's and Type II Diabetes. The location, at 4500 140th Ave. N., was chosen for some interesting reasons.

"Certainly demographics played a part," explains Allen Braswell, Pico's CEO. "The St. Petersburg Clearwater Airport puts us in the middle of those demographics. If you want to pull people from Tampa as well as Clearwater and St. Pete, this location is perfect for that."

Once the geographic location was settled, a building that fit the company's unique requirements needed to be found. Because the company houses magnetic equipment, the building's position was critical. Hallmark Development of Florida stepped in to help.

Paul Engelhardt, Hallmark VP, describes how interesting the experience was for him. "When I was first contacted by Allen, he said his treatment rooms needed to be positioned so they run north to south. He was originally interested in another property, but it was diagonally positioned, so I knew that wouldn't work. But this property I knew would work. "

However, Braswell makes it clear demographics and building position weren't the only deciding factors. Braswell grew up in Clearwater. "I grew up here and am familiar with the area and the people," he says. "In some ways I feel like I never left. My father and I started a business that is now part of Jabil Circuit, which was the Tampa Bay Chamber's Business of the Year in 1993."

Braswell is also happy to be back for other reasons. His favorite hangout is Capogna's Dugout, just down the street from his alma mater, Clearwater High School. When asked why Capogna's, he replies, "You've never had their pizza if you have to ask that question."

Writer: Missy Kavanaugh
Sources: Allen Braswell, Pico-Tesla; Paul Engelhardt, Hallmark Development of Florida.
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