Tampa Preservation Targets Historic Homes, Hosts Workshop

Working to restore Tampa's history on a smaller scale, preserving the wood windows, original flooring and built-in bookcases of the city's oldest homes, a local nonprofit will host a Historic Homes workshop.

Established in 1973, Tampa Preservation, Inc. (TPI) is dedicated to the preservation of historic structures and neighborhoods in Tampa and Hillsborough County to educate local residents about the unique heritage.

On April 14th, TPI will host a Historic Homes Workshop to provide tips from experts on how to preserve the historic materials and resources inside of Tampa Bay's historic homes. The event will be held from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the 1927 Historic Seminole Heights United Methodist Church at 6111 N. Central Ave. in Tampa.

“Historic homeowners often wish to take a hands-on approach to restoring their houses and this workshop will offer information and advice on some of the skills required,” says TPI Marketing Director Suzanne Prieur. “The homeowner who wishes to hire professionals will come away more educated on what resources are available and how to best utilize restoration experts.”

The TPI event is free to the public, presenting three workshops every hour. A chance to interact with displayers and other historic homeowners and enjoy exhibits such as historic photos of Tampa by the Tampa Natives Show will be provided during a lunch break.

“The homes in our historic neighborhoods are beautiful,” Prieur says. “In this increasingly individualized and homogenized world, preserving neighborhood history fosters a sense of community while fostering a sense of character and emphasizing the unique history and personality of each area. It encourages people to step outside of their own lives and become a part of a greater identity and purpose.”

While TPI strongly encourages preservation efforts throughout Hillsborough County, according to Prieur, the organization has recently focused on the Tampa Heights neighborhood because of its rich historic potential.

“We've rehabilitated many homes in the area, including the revitalization of a 20-block area which we received an award from the National Trust of Historic Preservation for,” Prieur says. “Now that many of the historic neighborhoods have very strong Civic Associations, we try to work closely with them on issues that affect preservation in the entire community.”

Writer: Alexis Quinn Chamberlain
Source: Suzanne Prieur, Tampa Preservation
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