Savory Spice Shop: Global Flavors In Downtown St. Petersburg

Long-time St. Pete residents Paul and Joan Bailey are opening a franchise in downtown St. Pete that will sell spices from around the world.

The new Savory Spice Shop is located just around the corner from the Chihuly Museum at 400 Beach Drive, Suite 173. The first Savory Spice Shop opened in Denver, CO, in 2004.

"My daughter lived in Denver and every time we visited her, we'd go to Savory Spice and come back with $100 worth of spices," says Paul Bailey. It's all fresh, very unique spices from around the world. A lot of them, you can't get here. There are 400 spices and about 150 blends, including herbs, spices, extracts from places like Mexico, Vietnam and Tahiti. Really, really neat variety of spices.

"What we like to do is have everyone taste the spices before they buy," continues Bailey. "We have little taster jars that you can sprinkle into your hand, smell and taste. And we can sell customers only what is needed rather than having them buy a whole jar that may go to waste --  anything from a half of an ounce to a five-pound bag. When you need more, you can come in and buy a bag instead of buying another jar. It's cheaper that way."

Bailey says he plans to promote recycling in coming months. "We'll have a bring-your-own-spice-jar and give a discount for bringing in old spice containers. We'll recycle those old McCormick jars."

Bailey is excited about the store's location. "Beach Drive is really where it's happening now and that's why we chose it."

Writer: Missy Kavanaugh
Source: Paul Bailey, Savory Spice Shop

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