Starflower Essentials: Organic Beauty Company Moves to Sarasota

Starflower Essentials, a holistic skincare products manufacturer, has moved to Sarasota.

Starflower President and CEO Cherylyn Van Kirk says Tampa Bay's physical and economic climate motivated the move from Austin, TX.

"I love the climate, the culture and general ambiance of Sarasota," she says. "I feel something special here. I see a growing conscious community open and receptive to making healthy lifestyle choices whether it pertains to food, greener personal living space, personal care products or choosing to spend more quality time on things that matter. This is a trend sprouting across the country and I feel it quite strongly here."

Van Kirk founded Starflower Essentials in 1994. The company currently supplies more than 100 all-natural skincare products to spas, boutiques and wellness centers across the county. The products are made of certified organic, food-grade ingredients that are biodynamically grown and processed in small batches to preserve potency.

Van Kirk plans to move her processing plant to Sarasota next year, after she's established her new base and established relationships with beauty and wellness businesses in the area.

"My role here now is to begin a public relations campaign and let the Sarasota community know we are here," she says. "I am working to establish partnerships with three or four spas in various locations around Sarasota. One of these spas is the Vintage Salon & Spa."

Van Kirk says she plans to offer training for estheticians from the U.S. and Canada at her new location. "They can come and enjoy beautiful Sarasota."

Writer: Missy Kavanaugh
Source: Cherylyn Van Kirk, Starflower Essentials
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