Main Street Trattoria Opens In Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota

The boutiques and eateries on Main Street in Lakewood Ranch are getting a new neighbor in July: Main Street Trattoria.

According to Craig Campbell of Holland Construction, the new restaurant includes a bar that straddles the inside of the building and its sidewalk patio. "People strolling past the restaurant can get a drink at the bar, and have dinner bistro-style," says Campbell.

The restaurant is owned by Gary Semnessy, who owned and operated a trattoria in New Jersey before coming to Sarasota. That restaurant received accolades from New Jersey Magazine, and allowed Semnessy to cater backstage green room fare in the New York theater district, where he met such celebrities as Tony Bennett. His business model was so successful, two investors bought him out and he moved to Sarasota.

"I used to come here with my kids," says Semnessy. When I first got here I called to order a pizza around 9 p.m. And the place was closed. Being from New York, I found that disturbing. But I love the area; the community. I really like it."

So Semnessy decided to open a place where people could order pizza past 9 p.m. The Main Street Trattoria offers an eclectic menu that includes pasta and other entrees as well as 13 different types of pizza. Four of the pizzas are named after each of his four children. "Ian's pizza is ricotta, meatball and onion," Semnessy says.

Semnessy says the trattoria concept is patterned from an Italian tradition in which backyard gardens are opened to passersby, offering food and hospitality. "The food is fresh, nothing frozen. Our trattoria has a contemporary feel to it, but with the high ceilings and outside patio and bar, we hope to offer the same flavor."

Writer: Missy Kavanaugh
Source: Gary Semnessy, Main Street Trattoria
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