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Graduate Tampa Bay: Older Learner Says 'Don't Be Afraid Of Failure'

New College student Jodi Johnson overcame a lot of self doubts (I'm too old, I can't do math, I can't afford tuition, etc.) to return to college as an experienced learner. She's now thriving in Sarasota and sharing Tampa Bay's cultural assets in the process.

Tampa Bay Begins To Focus On Nurturing Startups

The Economic Development Innovation Initiative is designed to help drive the growth of technology and innovative startups, and scale worthy small businesses in Tampa and Hillsborough County.

Tampa's Franklin Exchange Morphs Into Cool Meeting Spaces

The Wilson Company's ongoing renovation of the Franklin Exchange in downtown Tampa highlights how designers and developers are teaming up to find creative ways to transform underused, dilapidated urban places into hip, vibrant spaces that attract additional investments.

Moving To Downtown Tampa: The Dog Scene

Other than walk your pooch around the block in downtown Tampa, what's a dog lover to do to keep a four-legged friend happy and healthy while enjoying each other's company? Lots! We've compiled a list to get you started.

Ringling College Animation Grads Walk The Red Carpet

Nearly every film nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature -- including "Brave,'' "Frankenweenie,'' "Paranorman'' and "Wreck-It Ralph'' -- features the work of Ringling College graduates. Special effects-packed nominees like "Marvel's: The Avengers,'' "Prometheus,'' "Skyfall'' and "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey'' also credit the work of Ringling alumni.

Will Le Meridien Hotel Jumpstart Investments In Downtown Tampa?

Vacant buildings and underused spaces in the blocks surrounding the Classic Federal Courthouse are likely to attract renewed interest in downtown Tampa as investors see the potential for opportunities to develop an urban scene that can compete for talent in the global marketplace.

Tailored Pet Sitting: A Tampa Dog's Best Friend

Urban pioneer Veronica Simonetto, a native of Venezeula who lived in Miami before moving to Tampa, opened Tailored Pet Sitting in downtown Tampa in 2007 after recognizing that demand for such services far outstripped supply. Today the business is thriving even as competition heats up.

Moving To Downtown Tampa: The Bakery Scene

Looking for something sweet to accompany your daily cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea? Tampa bakeries got you covered. Get a whiff of these decadent pastries, cupcakes, cookies and artisan breads. Go ahead, Tampa Bay. Indulge a little.

Mom Bloggers In Tampa Bay: Keeping It Real

For most moms, life with children provides new opportunities and challenges on a daily basis. For a few, writing about it adds to the experience. Meet five mom bloggers in the Tampa Bay region who talk about why they do what they do -- provide advice, share experiences and help define motherhood.

USF Disease Warriors Explore New Use For Research

Drs. Csilla Ari and Dominic D'Agostino, USF researchers studying ketones as weapons against diseases like ALS, cancer and Alzheimer's, find a mutual interest in diving leads to discoveries about oxygen deprivation that may help the U.S. Department of Defense battle other kinds of enemies.

The Urban Conga: Reshaping Normal In Downtown Tampa

Want to redefine "normal'' in downtown Tampa? Get in line! Follow the founders of The Urban Conga as they create interactive installations that help people see, appreciate and make use of ordinary spaces and places like never before.

Changing The Narrative: St. Petersburg Engages Creative Cities' Adviser

St. Petersburg -- the No. 1 arts destination for mid-size U.S. cities three years in a row -- now has a "Creative Cities Adviser.'' In his new volunteer role, author Peter Kageyama, a former president of Creative Tampa Bay, hopes to encourage and promulgate the city's creative flair.

Encore Tampa: Green Initiatives Shape Urban Design

Encore Tampa is designed as a sustainable community, with green initiatives built into everything from the provision of water and sewer to energy efficient construction to easy access to retail and recreation.

Photo Slideshow: Outstanding In The Field, Florida

Please pass the beer-poached Florida shrimp! Then let's try some Jamaican jerk alligator ribs. Yum! Outstanding in the Field, a farm-to-table dinner company, visited Florida in January to serve up such local culinary treats.

St. Pete Jewelry Maker, Portrait Artist: Collaboration Is Key

The talent and global diversity reflected in Tampa Bay’s traditional yet continually emerging and evolving entrepreneurial spirit is the bridge that connects the past to the future, and also catapults us forward. Meet jewelry designer Nicole Shannon and the women behind MAC Portraits of St. Petersburg as shining examples of young entrepreneurs finding success by working together.
595 Articles | Page: | Show All
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