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 Rogers Park Golf Course and the Hillborough River from above. - Julie Branaman
Rogers Park Golf Course and the Hillborough River from above. - Julie Branaman | Show Photo

Sarasota : Featured Stories

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Coaching Urban Entrepreneurs: Bradenton-Sarasota

The UEP on the Suncoast program nurtures emerging small businesses in the urban environments of Manatee and Sarasota counties. The public-private partnership is designed to succeed by making sure all involved have "skin in the game.''

Tampa Bay Shines, Front Row Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay Shines and Front Row Tampa Bay aim to attract investors in the region by showcasing people, places and things that promote civic pride.

Kennedy Center's Any Given Child Initiative Comes To Sarasota

Access to the arts is considered key to developing the creative thinking necessary to thrive in a new economy that values talent and innovation above all else. So how can schools and communities work better together to ensure every child gains exposure to the arts? Community, business, arts and education leaders in Sarasota are working with the Kennedy Center to develop solutions.

USF Professor Eyes Global Weather To Predict Hurricanes

June 1st marked the official start of the six-months-long hurricane season, prompting some Floridians to start stocking up on supplies and tuning into weather reports. But for one USF Tampa scientist, hurricanes and tropical storms aren't a cause of anxiety; they're a source of endless fascination and a focus of her career.

Stagewrights: Creating A Collaborative Community In Tampa Bay Theater

Stageworks Theatre's playwriting group, Stagewrights, offers support and constructive feedback to a revolving door of dramatists. Now, its members are branching out to bring a collection of nine short plays to life in a two-evening production called "TampaWorks," a mosaic of past and present day life set in Tampa Bay landmarks.

Craftwork: More People Pursue Passion To Make Things By Hand

Blame it on the recession or chalk it up to a generation of people who prefer vinyl records to MP3s, but the trend toward creative entrepreneurship is real and rising. People value authenticity, and that often comes in the form of a handmade object with pedigree and a good story to boot. Folks from all walks of life across the nation are trading in their "day jobs" to pursue their passions.

Changing The Narrative: 83 Degrees Stories Attract Local & Global Readers

83 Degrees Media consistently aims to change the narrative about the Tampa Bay region by featuring stories about thought leaders, rising stars, innovations, global diversity and sense of place.

#83DegreesNYAS: Valuing Global Diversity In Tampa Bay

A lively community conversation about valuing global diversity successfully engages an audience eager to weigh in along with panelists on why diversity matters in Tampa Bay and how we can build stronger communities, better schools and a well-trained workforce together. Join the conversation on Twitter with #83degreesNYAS.

The Big Ask For RNC: Andrew Smith, Tampa Bay

Collaborating on a marketing strategy around the Republican National Convention is a smart strategy, but what matters more is extending the effort beyond August to benefit the greater community and help shape what's next for Tampa Bay.

Not Your Average Speakers: Global Diversity, 83 Degrees

Art, music, culture, food, perspectives, context, traditions, visions. The list goes on when it comes to the importance of global diversity to a community. But did you know that diversity also is a key indicator of economic success throughout history? Let's talk about it on May 17 with "Not Your Average Speakers.''

Saratopia Rivals Portlandia For Laughs, Sarasota

Saratopia pokes fun at Sarasota for being uncool in the same vein that Portlandia mocks Portland for being hyper-hip. The lovingly comedic webisode series was launched by serial entrepreneur Rich Swier, Jr., one of the founders of the HuB.

Not Your Average Speakers Talk Talent, 83 Degrees

Creating a more vibrant urban environment and changing the narrative about all Tampa Bay has to offer will help attract and retain talent in the globally competitive marketplace. Did you know, for instance, that the median age in Tampa Bay is close to 40 -- not 65 or 70 as many people think? "The dialogue was interesting, engaging and most of all exciting. I left there feeling smarter!'' says one audience member at "Talent Squeeze: Filling Tampa Bay's Pool,'' 83 Degrees Media's Not Your Average Speakers event.

Talent Squeeze: Not Your Average Speakers, 83 Degrees

Join 83 Degrees Media as we engage a panel of community, academic and business leaders in a community conversation about nurturing, attracting and retaining talent in Tampa Bay.

RISE Opens Kitchen For Bakers, Cooks In Sarasota

RISE, a shared commercial kitchen in Sarasota run by veteran baker and pastry chef Christine Nordstrom, provides a part-time home to Sweet Teeth along with seven other small food businesses, including Nordstrom's own Sift Bakehouse.

Graduate Tampa Bay: Fueling Local Economy By Degrees

Graduate Tampa Bay is a collaborative initiative aimed at growing, nurturing and retaining talent in our region – an effort that could lead to jobs and innovations to fuel the local economy.
105 Articles | Page: | Show All
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