Video: Funny Bunny At The Hub, Downtown Tampa

When Funny Bunny plays The Hub on Franklin Street in downtown Tampa, the atmosphere turns into what seems like a throwback to the 1950s or '60s date nights and / or hangin' with friends.

The cornerstone bar -- smoky, well-worn and featuring a lineup of liquor fit for any cocktail served in AMC's popular "Mad Men'' TV series -- becomes a popular place, particularly following a late movie at Tampa Theatre just up the street.

Get a taste of the action in this newly released music video featuring Funny Bunny trio Kim Stein-Lepley, vocals and guitar; Aaron Lepley, bass, harmonica and vocals; and Damon Dougherty, drums and vocals. 

Aaron and Damon have been in a musical marriage since high school, collaborating in various bands and projects, most notably Tampa mainstay, November Foxtrot Whiskey.  Both earned degrees in music composition at USF.

Kim joined them after she and Aaron were married this past October. Late last fall, the three came together and had an immediate musical chemistry. They immediately began composing, recording and performing together.

Their music is built on a framework of unconventional chord structures coupled with memorable melodies.  In lieu of a lead instrument, the band focuses on three-part harmonies, vocal and guitar effects, and a precise execution of instrumentation. All lend to a spatial sonic texture.

Longtime friend and local art and music supporter, Frank Rodriguez of Edit Suites, collaborated with Funny Bunny to film and produce their, and his, debut music video. The setting is The Hub.

Frank Rodriguez, owner of Edit Suites in downtown Tampa, has a degree in fine arts from the University of South Florida. Comments? Contact 83 Degrees.
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