Readers Share 83 Degrees Media Stories, Tampa Bay

Readers and underwriters often ask which stories prove most popular, particularly for sharing online. So just in time to start the new year, we want to share with you the most popular stories produced by 83 Degrees Media in 2012.

Above is the most viewed video (about mountain biking in Florida) and below is a list of the top 10 features. As you can see, it's a healthy mix of stories featuring a cross section of the Tampa Bay's talent, innovation, global diversity and sense of place.


1. USF Research Growth Rate: Among Top Universities
The breadth and depth of the scientific activities at the University of South Florida create huge opportunities for collaboration within the university, among other Florida colleges and universities and throughout the greater Tampa Bay community. Read the complete story.

2. Meet The Twitterati Who Rule News Tweets In Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay's Twitterati, as in power users, are the first to get the news out and the first to retweet what you have to say. Is it possible that nothing escapes their spheres of influence? Read the complete story.

3. InVision Tampa: Reshaping Your City For The Future
InVision Tampa is researching and inviting suggestions on how to improve the city's urban core and surrounding neighborhoods, ultimately incorporating that feedback into a master plan that will shape Tampa's future for the next 25 years. Read the complete story.

4. New Bradenton Riverwalk Revives City's Sense Of Place
About 50 miles south of The Tampa Riverwalk, a new mile-and-a-half ribbon of fun, frivolity and fancy gives residents and visitors alike good reason to carve out a day (or two) to experience the emerging scene in downtown Bradenton and along the mouth of the Manatee River. The Bradenton Riverwalk defines what "placemaking'' is all about. Read the complete story.

5. A Taste Of Central Avenue, St. Petersburg
Looking for the hippest, hottest foodie scene in Tampa Bay? Take a walk along Central Avenue anywhere from downtown St. Petersburg to I-275 and you'll soon find enough tantalizing tastes to scandalize the senses. Read the complete story.

6. Hudson Couple Share Passion For Green Living Through Environ/MENTAL
Gary Rule and Kristina Risola created environ/MENTAL as an outlet to share their passions for the environment, mental health and crafting. Through the use of green everyday products, they hope to inspire customers to make more environmentally conscious decisions. Read the complete story.

7. Moving To Tampa Bay: Trend Toward Urban Living
Young professionals moving to Downtown Tampa and Downtown St. Petersburg are attracted by cool yet affordable urban living spaces like Metro 510 and The Portland Apartments. Read the complete story.

8. Moving To Downtown Tampa: The Workout Scene
Non-conventional workout options -- think spinning classes ala virtual reality tours and running up a replica of the Santa Monica Stairs -- contribute to the popularity of Powerhouse Gym Downtown Tampa, which is already in expansion mode after only three years of operation. Read the complete story.

9. Graduate Tampa Bay: Colleges, Employers Team Up To Offer On-Site Degrees
Hillsborough Community College is among Tampa Bay area colleges and universities offering on-site degree programs at companies like Tampa Electric as a convenient way to help employees further their education and increase local college degree attainment. Read the complete story.

10. Community Building: Not Your Average Speakers And 83 Degrees Media
What does it take to build community in Tampa Bay? Join the conversation with Heather Kenyon of Tampa Bay Technology Forum, Reuben Pressman of Swings Tampa Bay, Bob Devin Jones of Studio@620, Brian Seel of Emerge Tampa Bay and Mike Blasco of Tasting Tampa on Wednesday, Feb. 22, at 5:30 pm at Roosevelt 2.0 in Ybor City. Read the complete story.

For more information about underwriting stories and Focus Areas in 83 Degrees, contact Publisher Diane Egner. Comments? Contact 83 Degrees.
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