Tampa Native's Bible-Based Book Launches Movie, Website

A book begot a movie, a movie begot a community, and a community may beget a movement.

That is the hope of St. Petersburg-based 33 Hope, LLC, a three-person core team with a three-pronged approach to marketing a message of hope.

Tampa native Edward Flom wrote a Biblically-based book entitled Thirty Three: The Story of Hope that chronicles the years immediately following Christ's crucifixion. Flom says he was inspired by a child's reaction to seeing The Passion of the Christ, According to Flom, the boy asked his father, "But Daddy, what happened next?'" Flom helped answer through the book, published in January 2010.

The child is the son of Flom's friend Kirk Berendes, who helped Flom get the word out about the book. William Whitacre, an entertainment attorney and investor, came aboard as the third member of the core team. Movie Producer/Writer Cristobal Krusen of Messenger Films wrote a screenplay based on the book, and Nashville music producer Dale Oliver produced its theme song, which is recorded by Christian band Jupiter Wind. Berendes launched a website and is hoping to build a social media campaign in support of the book and movie and the message they contain. Rich Hayes of Digital Lightbridge in New Port Richey created its logo.

"Think 'Faithbook,' " explains Berendes."It is our intent to attract a community of like-hearted individuals to this online environment to serve as the vanguard for the book and a pre-marketing push for future books and movies in the same genre and time period."

All involved agree the movement is about hope. "Both the book and the movie are positive reflections of hope in a time when the world really needed it," says Berendes."In the same way, we believe our message can lead people today to a place where anything is possible."

Writer: Missy Kavanaugh
Sources: Kirk Berendes, 33 Hope; Edward Flom, Thirty Three: The Story of Hope
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