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AT&T Upgrades Designed To Provide Faster, Better Mobile Phone Service In Tampa Bay

AT&T recently upgraded 20 cell sites in the Tampa Bay region in order to accommodate more mobile phone traffic, and also to improve mobile broadband data and voice connectivity. 

"Local customers will benefit from these network upgrades in the way of improved voice performance and data connectivity," says Kelly Starling of AT&T. "Adding additional capacity to a cell site is similar to widening a highway, as you're adding more lanes to the highway, more traffic can get on. "

The company's local upgrades are a part of a national investment by AT&T to become the nation's fastest-mobile broadband network. AT&T's investment is estimated at $20 billion. The improvements are designed to support data service to the growing number of smartphones.

  "The capacity upgrades are all about supporting and managing ever-growing mobile broadband growth," Starling says. "With the increasing popularity of smartphones, people are doing more on their wireless devices in more places. "

  For local customers, AT&T has launched a micro website that allows them to view the upgrades on a hyper-local map. The site titled, "Focus: Tampa-St. Petersburg," shows visitors specific enhancements at various locations. According to Starling, the micro site is an industry first. The site also features a "stores" tab that shows where AT&T stores and Wi-Fi hotspots can be found, a link to the company's Twitter page and a section dedicated to tips and suggestions for smartphone users.  

Writer: Kimberly Patterson
Source: Kelly Starling, AT&T

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Kimberly Patterson is a news editor for 83 Degrees Media in the Tampa Bay region of Florida.
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