Tampa Bay Trane Begins 2010 By Adding Jobs, Now Hiring

Tampa Bay Trane, the exclusive representative of Trane Commercial Air Conditioning Products and Services on Florida's West Coast, is currently seeking to fill three positions: commercial A/C technician, service estimator and outside sales representative.

"Trane has a good, solid business because of its service and preventative work in the commercial business sector,'' says Sarah Davis, HR manager. "As the commercial sector improves, Trane will plan to continue to hire staff at a moderate level of growth."

Tampa Bay Trane's workforce is a team of highly skilled project managers, sales and engineering professionals, and technicians, Davis says.

Trane has already hired nine people this year, four in new sales and skilled technician positions.  The company also transitioned one current part-time employee into a fulltime staff member. TBT's current workforce is at 150 employees; a vast majority are full timers.

Davis forecasts future hiring in 2010 to possibly include more skilled experienced techs with solid commercial experience as well as another addition to the sales team.

Tampa Bay Trane was established in 1969 and has franchises in 13 counties in Florida. Over the years, Trane's service offerings have increased from primarily supporting the sale of Trane equipment to many expanded services including operator training, system energy analysis, replacements, retrofits and repair contracting, emergency services, rental equipment, performance contracting and HVAC system on-site operations.

Writer: Lisa Clementi 
Source: Sarah Davis, Tampa Bay Trane
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