Advanced Healthcare Partners Adds 50 Jobs, Tampa

Advanced Healthcare Partners of Tampa plans to hire more than 50 people in 2013, including senior and junior level marketing associates with experience in content writing, graphics design, media buying and negotiations, website development and website coding. AHP also is hiring patient coordinators to educate patients on procedures, treatments, medical ethics and financial obligations that are offered by AHP’s healthcare partners.

"As our clients grow, we grow the workforce here in Tampa,'' says CEO Jimmy St. Louis of Advanced Healthcare Partners.

As a full-service healthcare management and consulting agency, AHP offers a collaborative mix of management capabilities to healthcare organizations, providing their clients everything from qualified marketing consultants to complete business and operational management solutions.

AHP's focus is to hire professionals in specialty areas to provide business strategies, marketing and operational expertise, resulting in functional business management practices that effectively produce business growth.

AHP has also launched four new companies this year, including an FDA clearance and approval firm formed by a team of lawyers, legal consultants, and business experts.

"We've seen new jobs created though new initiatives,'' St. Louis says. AHP has additionally partnered with the Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Stimulation (CAMLS) to "learn from one another and to build relationships to extend our reach that turns into a value-add to our clients.''

Writer: Kaye Brown
Source: Jimmy St. Louis and Borda Jones, Advanced Healthcare Partners
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