LakewooD-AmedeX In Sarasota Plans To Fight Infectious Disease, Add Jobs

LakewooD-AmedeX, Inc. is in the process of acquiring funding so it can develop and market drugs that will be effective against a variety of infectious diseases.

According to a company press release, LakewooD-AmedeX is "developing a unique portfolio of anti-bacterial and anti-viral products including NuBioics, a novel family of synthetic anti-bacterial compounds, and antiviral products against hepatitis, HIV and influenza.'' Company plans call for acclerating development of its broad spectrum anti-influenza product into clinical studies.

The company has acquired $1.35 million in funding from the federal government to set up a research facility in Sarasota County and hopes to start putting people to work soon.

"We're looking to set up right now a small pilot manufacturing facility and we'd like to get started on that within the next six months," says CEO and President Steve Parkinson. Parkinson adds that those jobs would be well-paying, skilled positions. Plans call for expanding from the current staff of four people to as many as 20 employees in the next year.

If LakewooD-AmedeX is successful, the company could become a major employer in the region. According to Dan Stewart, who is vice-president for corporate development, they're ready to put some of their ideas to the test.

"We have three products that are ready for clinical trials and that's the next big step in the business," he says.

Writer: Brad Stager
Source: Steve Parkinson, LakewooD-AmedeX

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