Social Media Company Helps Clients Speak Their Minds, Adds Jobs

Ballywho Interactive of Tampa, a full-service social media management firm, is now hiring account managers, sales professionals, staff writers and administrative assistants.

Ballywho, which helps companies manage their brands through social media, was launched in June 2009 by Elissa Nauful Plumley, founder and chief executive officer, and Scott Plumley, director of technology and operations, the partnership is a successful marriage in business and personal life.

"We help our clients develop a unique and consistent presence online, being aware of what's happening in the social media space," says Nauful Plumley. "And what makes us a little different [as a company] is that my background is in marketing and media, and Scott's background is in IT. His expertise and my expertise creates a very nice balance between the two."

The idea for Ballywho was born after Nauful's clients from her marketing company, Ingenuity Group, had a need for social media management and requested her assistance to help them establish an online presence. "It made sense for us to start our own company that really just focused on social media management, as well as search engine optimization," says Nauful Plumley.

Ballywho specializes in strategy and brand management on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, and they also handle the content writing for these outlets. Since its inception, Ballywho continues to grow and currently employs professional writers with experience in various industries as well as journalists who can provide quality content and online communication skills across various social media outlets.

Ballywho also plans to further expand and to open a second office in Austin, Texas later this year.

Writer: Nancy Vaughn
Source: Elissa Nauful Plumley, Ballywho Interactive
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