Bay Tech Industries Relocates To Pasco, Adds 27 Jobs

Bay Tech Industries, an aerospace company, recently relocated to Pasco County bringing 27 new jobs to the county. The aerospace company started in August of 1986 with just three employees, and today employs 40. While a majority of the hiring took place earlier this year, Bay Tech's VP Rick Seal says that the company still has more hiring to do.

"We plan on hiring at least three people in the next year," Seal says. "We will be adding someone in our quality department, engineering and operating."

The company relocated to Odessa in Pasco County, from its home of 22 years at the Tri-County Industrial Park in Oldsmar. Bay Tech's new building was completed in January of this year, and is 11,850 square feet.

"We have been up and running in our new building since Feb. 1st," Seal says. "Pasco County was very helpful with expediting our permits and the construction process went smoothly."

Seal says the company has grown so much it needed more space, which was the reason for the relocation.

"I attribute our growth to the relationships with our customers," Seal says. "We have customers that we have been able to keep since starting in 1986, it is not often that you keep a customer that long. We use a system that ships parts to our customers when their parts are low to ensure shipments get there on time, which helps both our company and the customers."

Bay Tech Industries is currently located at 13275 Byrd Drive in Odessa.

Source: Rick Seal, Bay Tech Industries
Writer: Kimberly Patterson

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