Sarasota Designer Receives U.S Patent For "BeauBeau'' Headscarf

Susan Beausang, head scarf designer and creator of the BeauBeau, has received patent approval for her pre-fitted headscarf. Beausang started to go into design development in 2006, and once the BeauBeau was perfected, she founded to sell the BeauBeau.

Based in Sarasota, Beausang designed the scarf for women with medical hair loss. 4women's mission is to help women cope with medical hair loss in a dignified and stylish manner. The BeauBeau provides a comfortable and fashionable option for those who prefer an alternative to wigs, and those who enjoy stylish scarves. The thing that makes the scarves so unique is the how the lining of the scarf is sewn into the main body of the scarf. For women without hair, it offers comfort without slippage or gapping at the sides of the scarf as it conforms to the shape of each individual's head.

"We learned early on that we would need to size them because there's no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to a woman's head," says Beausang. See here a YouTube video on how to measure your head.

For the past nine years, Beausang has lived with AU (Alopecia Universalis), an autoimmune disease that causes complete hair loss. "I was bringing a unique perspective to the development of this product because I have lost my own hair," says Beausang."So I really knew the important elements of design for this particular market because I really started designing it for myself. I knew the comfort level, what it felt like to wear something on your head for 8-10 hours a day, and how the seams would have to be for maximum comfort and coverage."

Beausang paid attention to all of these elements and wanted to put something together that was not only functional, but fashionable. The scarves are easy to style and Beausang says its almost like having your hair styled in various ways. There are also transitional scarves for those who are in the process of either growing their hair back or losing their hair.

Their motto to cancer patients, alopecia patients or any woman or girl who suffers from medical hair loss is: "Just because you lost your hair does not mean you have lost your sense of style."

The scarves have proven to be so stylish that women who do have hair have found the scarves to be an attractive wardrobe addition. Beausang's company has conducted extensive research on medical hair loss and its impact on women, their emotions and confidence. For this reason, Beausang says she will always have a primary focus on reaching out to women who have medical hair loss and sharing her product with them.

Beausang began the lengthy patent process on March 2, 2007 and her innovative creation received patent approval on May 4, 2010.

The BeauBeau is available in four different sizes in a variety of fabric styles, plus children's sizes. It is sold online at and at various boutique locations in the United States, Canada and Europe.

Writer: Nancy Vaughn
Source: Susan Beausang,
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