Berkeley Manor Opening In St. Petersburg, Hiring

Set to open this spring, Berkeley Manor is adding part-time residential assistants and support staff to accommodate the specialized needs of clients. The company recently added operations leaders to manage patient and business administration activities.

Berkeley Manor is an intimate space providing adult assisted living, including personalized care to patients who face a variety of memory disabilities, including Alzheimer’s disease.

“We are really focused on the individual and having knowledge of their personality while being in a setting to really get to know them,” says Maryann Ferenc, founder of Berkeley Manor and proprietor of Mise en Place.

Ferenc purchased the St. Petersburg home many years ago in order to accommodate the personalized health care needs of her mother, an enthusiastic restaurateur and entrepreneur who passed away after battling Alzheimer’s disease.

Inspired by the essence of her mother, Ferenc hired a consultant to manage the licensing and legal aspects of running an assisted living facility and made the decision to convert the home into a residential space designed for adults suffering from memory loss.

“When people have memory issues, they lose their memory not their personality, but are often treated as though they’ve lost their personality. We work with their likes and personalities to keep those things that make them feel like themselves,” says Ferenc.

As Berkeley Manor is currently developing client-patient relationships, having the right personalized care team members are a critical element in providing an intimate level of care as well as developing trustful relationships.

“It is important that you have people that are going to be right together and help each other to develop the best quality of life.”

For information on Berkeley Manor’s opening and available positions, call 813.253.6473.

Writer: Kaye Brown
Source: Maryann Ferenc, Berkeley Manor
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