Tampa Bay Area Pop Culture Artist Unveils Caddyshack Tribute At Super Bowl

Tampa Bay area Artist David O'Keefe, known for his signature caricature style and tributes to I Love Lucy and The Godfather, unveiled his latest creation, Bushwood: A Tribute to Caddyshack. at a temporary gallery in South Beach Miami to coincide with the Super Bowl.  

The piece was commissioned by Steve Garske, CEO of Par Aide, a golf accessories company whose products appeared in the famous film, and now are immortalized in O'Keefe's painting.

"Caddyshack is one of my all-time favorite comedies and I've seen it no less than 50 times," says O'Keefe. "So when I was asked to create a Caddyshack-themed painting in my style, I knew transforming Carl Spackler, the gopher and the rest of the cast would be a monster hit."

The temporary David O'Keefe Studios gallery in South Beach marked the second year in a row for O'Keefe to present his paintings at the Taste of the NFL. O'Keefe donated four limited edition pieces to be auctioned at the event, which benefits hunger relief. The donated pieces included: A Tribute to Caddyshack, A Tribute to the Godfather, A Tribute to I Love Lucy, and a rendition of the '69 Beatles. The pieces totaled a value of more than $4,000.

O'Keefe's work has been published in Sports Illustrated, Mad Magazine, Time magazine and The Village Voice, as well as The Tampa Tribune. His art is distributed worldwide and he has a permanent gallery on St. Armand's Circle in Sarasota.

"People can also stop by the gallery in Sarasota to view the Tribute to Caddyshack," says Wayne Curtiss, managing partner at David O'Keefe Studios.

Writer: Nancy Vaughn
Sources: Wayne Curtiss, David O'Keefe Studios

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