Coastal Caisson In Pasco County Seeks Construction Workers, Engineers

What you can see above ground in a major construction project, such as a shopping center, apartment building or a bridge, reveals only part of a builder's concerns. That's because differences in soil composition, water saturation and the potential for hazards like sinkholes and underground swamps can make the quest for a solid base to build upon an arduous one.

Likewise, for Coastal Caisson, a Pasco County company situated north of Tampa that seeks skilled workers to serve the deep foundation construction market in the southeastern United States.

The company employs a wide range of workers, including engineers and skilled technicians, to help provide foundation solutions for industrial, commercial, residential and government construction projects.

"We're always looking for mechanics and laborers, but we're also looking to fill some skilled and professional positions like engineers and project managers," says Tiffany Wind, human resources manager. Qualified individuals include site safety officers, site superintendents and project estimators. The abilities to read schematics and to multitask are particularly valued, she says. The company normally employs about 150 people, depending on the workload.

Wind says Coastal Caisson stays busy with projects in the Tampa Bay region and elsewhere, such as installing ductile-driven piles at the Bella Sol condominiums in Apollo Beach and helping widen Interstate 95 in Brunswick, GA.

"We hire locally and travel with our workers so the jobs stay in Pasco County," says Wind. She also says Coastal Caisson likes to promote from within as a way to help the company grow and keep expertise.

Writer: Brad Stager
Source: Tiffany Wind, Coastal Caisson
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