Dais Analytic Creates NanoAir In Pasco, 5 New Jobs

Dais Analytic Corporation, a nanotechnology materials and processing company, has been awarded more than $250,000 in grants to develop a cutting-edge product called NanoAir. The grants will allow the company to hire at least five employees in the next year to help with the implementation of the high-tech product.

NanoAir is an energy efficient, environmentally friendly heating, cooling and refrigeration product, made possible by Dais Analytic's nanotechnology plastics.

According to Denise Sanderson, managing director of business development, Dais Analytic will need qualified experts to bring the product to market. "We will be hiring for positions in engineering, product development and sales," says Sanderson. "We will be filling all of these positions within the year."

Dias Analytic Corporation was founded in 1993 as a polytechnic lab. The company then became incorporated in 1999, with its headquarters in Odessa.

"The company was drawn to the area due to the support received from Pasco County and the State of Florida in terms of funds and incentives to open here," says Sanderson. "Overall the quality of life in the area, and the opportunities for both unskilled and skilled labor are great; it's a good fit."

The company had approximately 10 employees when it started and now employs 22.

Brian Johnson, senior design engineer, describes what the company is looking for in potential employees: "The qualities we look for are creativity, initiative and persistence. We are doing product development at a very deep level, coming up with new things that have never been done before."

Writer: Kimberly Patterson
Source: Denise Sanderson and Brian Johnson, Dais Analytic Corp.

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Kimberly Patterson is a news editor for 83 Degrees Media in the Tampa Bay region of Florida.
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