Inaugural Diversity Conference In Palmetto, April 6

A diversity conference will be held on April 6 in Palmetto for business leaders and professionals who are seeking tools, techniques, best practices and strategies to enhance diversity leadership, recruitment and management.

The conference is hosted by the Latino Community Network, the State College of Florida and the Suncoast Workforce.

According to Ximena Granada, chair of the diversity conference, the event will be a great networking opportunity for those in the business community.

"Attendees have the opportunity to create a network in which to share ideas and develop a strategic advantage through the implementation of diversity initiatives," says Granada. "Conference participants will have the opportunity to continue this conversation and participate in the planning of future conferences by online collaboration through the Manasota Diversity Council's website."

Granada explains the inspiration behind hosting the inaugural conference: "There is a need to change attitudes and perceptions about diverse populations. This conference is a step towards opening the door to appreciating diversity."

Granada points out that as we enter further into a global economy, it is imperative that people understand and respect those from different cultures other than their own.

"We need to overcome stereotypes and to be able to celebrate and respect each individual for their worth as a human being," Granada says. "Only then will we be able to harness the innate potential each of us has."

The conference consists of presenters, networking opportunities and workshops. Some of the topics of the workshop sessions include women in leadership, strategies for engaging a multigenerational workforce and uncovering unconscious bias.

The Manasota Diversity Conference will be held at the Manatee Convention and Civic Center in Palmetto on Wednesday, April 6.

Source: Ximena Granada, Manasota Diversity Conference
Writer: Kimberly Patterson

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