Tampa Painting Franchise Adding 4 Jobs, Hiring

Fresh Coat Painters of Tampa was launched by Ross Childers in September of last year. Since then, his business has taken off and he is looking to add to his team. The business provides professional painting services to both residential and commercial customers, and Childers’ franchise is the first Fresh Coat Painters in the Tampa Bay region.

“I was looking to open a contracting business in the area, so I started researching different businesses for sale,” Childers says.  “I came across Fresh Coat, and it just made sense.  I saw others before me being successful through hard work and dedication, and since I had experience in painting, it made sense to launch the franchise. ”

Childers started out with two people when he opened the franchise last year. He now employs six full-time employees and plans to add to his headcount.

“If everything stays as it is, I plan on hiring at least four more people by the end of the year,” Childers says. “All of my hires will be for painters, and as I hire more painters, some of my current painters could move up to more challenging roles. ”

Childers attributes his business’ success to his approach to customer service. He insists on providing accurate quotes, not just throwing out an estimate. He runs background checks on all of his employees, ensures his painters clean up after themselves at a site and punctuality is mandatory.

In addition to painting, Fresh Coat Tampa Bay offers other services including deck cleaning, house and fence staining as well as pressure washing.   

Writer: Kimberly Patterson
Source: Ross Childers, Fresh Coat Tampa Bay

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Kimberly Patterson is a news editor for 83 Degrees Media in the Tampa Bay region of Florida.
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