Glide Interactive Of Sarasota Adds Jobs To Develop Websites, Social Media

As consumers and businesses increasingly refer to the resources of the Internet to find information and transact business, the need for companies with well-trained, creative staffs to create websites and provide digital services is growing.

One Sarasota company providing those services is Glide Interactive, Inc. It provides web development, graphic design and Internet marketing services to its customers. According to the company's website, Glide Interactive's revenue rose 33 percent from January 2009 to January 2010. Because its list of clients is growing, so is Glide Interactive's staff. The company is looking to fill openings for an experienced PHP developer and Internet marketing specialist and to add more positions later.

"People across the country are finding our website and word of mouth is spreading, so we are in a rapid growth phase and are looking to add another five employees by the end of the year," says CEO and President Heath Jordan, who founded the company in 2002.

Besides technical skills and experience using them, Heath says, "we are looking for passionate people that have the ability to innovate and the social skills to get along well with a variety of different clients and co-workers."

Heath adds that his company is growing because it works hard to help its customers thrive as well. "Success in any business comes from creating winning solutions for clients that helps them achieve their goals," he says.

Writer: Brad Stager 
Source: Heath Jordan, Glide Interactive
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