Nearby Green, New Web Directory, Helps You Find Green Companies

Almost everyone can agree on the desire to live healthier, better and longer. Taking care of ourselves and the environment can help us succeed, and now a sustainable company based in St. Petersburg is trying to make it easier, too.

Nearby Green is a new online resource that connects green businesses across the country with people who are looking for them. With the help of Haneke Design, the online resource was developed to help people get in touch with eco-friendly businesses quickly.

"We're proud of how easy it is for anyone looking to share or find information on local green products and services to search the site and are confident that this resource will achieve its objective of efficiently connecting buyers and sellers within a community, " says Jody Haneke, president of Haneke Design.

Going green has become popular and many companies have jumped on the green marketing bandwagon. Sometimes the companies who tout their "greenness," Haneke says, are only greenwashing. Nearby Green attempts to eliminate the greenwashing effect by allowing consumers to get involved in rating the company's green practices. As noted on Nearby Green,  "We do not believe that businesses themselves are the best source of information on green practices or products. The consumer is."

There are guidelines for businesses to be added to the database, but once added the listed businesses have the opportunity to respond anonymously to user reviews. This allows them to further engage their customer by providing thank notes, coupons and discounts.

Writer: Nancy Vaughn
Source: Jody Haneke, Nearby Green
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