Tampa Salon Gets Colorful Recognition

Barbara Forgione says people cross the mall to get a closer look at her hair.

Forgione, owner of the Barbara Forgione Salon, has a tri-colored streak that runs from the nape of her neck to the end of her below-the-shoulders blond mane. But she can choose whether to show the color or not. It's called a peek-a-boo rainbow, and it's gotten some major attention.

Forgione's style has captured the attention of Stylelist.com, which features Forgione and her innovative color technique on its Hot in my Salon project on AOL. Forgione is one of only 100 salons nationwide to be featured.

The technique adds strands of graduated highlights in rainbow shades such as blue, purple and pink. Done correctly, the effect isn't overpowering, but adds plenty of eye-catching fun. It's something Forgione has always wanted to try.

"It's ageless," says Forgione. "Anyone can do it, I have clients from their teens to in their 60s having fun with bright pieces. Since I was a kid, I always wanted a rainbow streak in my hair. My stylists were putting in one hot color streak in their hair and dared me. So I said. 'Let's do it. I want hot pink, blue, green and violet.' "

Forgione says this is not the first time her South Tampa salon has been on the cutting-edge. Hers was the first in Tampa to offer Yuko Japanese Hair Straightening and Deva hair-cutting techniques. Forgione also has been a colorist for TLC's The Makeover Story and was Paris Hilton's stylist when the celebrity came to Tampa for the 2009 Super Bowl.

Writer: Missy Kavanaugh
Source: Barbara Forgione, Barbara Forgione Salon

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