HuB Fund Aims To Change Sarasota By Adding Up Small Donations, $1 Plus

Matt Orr and Rich Swier, co-founders of The HuB Sarasota, the creative think tank and tech-business incubator, have now set their sights on creating change in philanthropy.

The duo launched The HuB Fund in May to encourage charitable giving to community projects that are innovative, sustainable and drive economic growth. The HuB Fund has been established at Gulf Coast Community Foundation and will rely on micro donations that will make a large impact on creative growth and development in Sarasota.

Our theory is that there are small donors who can afford maybe $100 a year and believe in the community that we live in and want to see changes occur. The HuB Fund will produce the ripple effect from minor donations that can make instrumental changes in the community," says Orr.

Orr and Swier want individuals to know that they can make a difference in their community and spark change by contributing anything they can. There will be no need to just wait around for the government or legislation to implement the change, people can contribute and make the changes occur. Orr points out that $100 each from 10,000 people equals $1 million, enough to impact change.

Some creative HuB-sponsored projects that have helped to change such creative economic growth include: s/ART/q for local contemporary artists; I Love Downtown, a campaign that supports patronage of downtown Sarasota merchants; and the Fringe Film Festival which showcases and supports local filmmakers.

"We'll be paying attention to what the community needs," says Orr. "We want the money to be housed in a 501(c)(3) and it has to be granted out to 501(c)(3)s. It's a transparent process that's here to help the community.

All donations made to The HuB Fund are tax-deductible. To learn more or to donate to the fund, visit

Writer: Nancy Vaughn
Source: Matt Orr, The HuB Sarasota
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