Humana Cares Continues To Add Jobs In Tampa Bay

Humana Cares is hiring another 270 employees for the January 2011 launch of a new program: Humana Cares Chronic Condition Management.

The positions include telephone managers, on site field care managers and community health educators.

The Humana Cares office opened in February 2009 with approximately 250 associates. By the year's end, they expect to employ 780.

"[The] announcement that Humana Cares will hire another 270 professionals this fall provides a much-needed boost to St. Petersburg's business community and to the overall health of our (Tampa) Bay area economy,'' says Sid Morgan, chair of the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce and a former Humana executive. "The St. Petersburg Chamber applauds Humana Cares' strong and growing commitment to St. Petersburg,"

According to Humana Cares President Jean Bisio, the Chronic Condition Management program is needed for the community because 38 percent of Medicare beneficiaries live with three or more chronic health conditions.

Humana Cares aims to help its members stay safe and healthy in their homes.

The company has a holistic approach to health care and has more than 50,000 Humana members in its complete care management program. As a result to its approach, the company has seen a 26 percent decline in hospital admissions and a 22 percent decrease in emergency room visits.

Humana has been around for 49 years and is continuously trying to meet the changing needs of its customers.

Interested applicants can apply at Humana's career page.

Writer: Mandy Erfourth
Source: Mitch Lubitz, Humana

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