Humana Adds 100 Jobs, St. Petersburg

Healthcare firm Humana, Inc. is adding 100 telephonic nurses and health care coaches over the next six months in order to accommodate the needs of its growing national chronic care management division, Humana Cares/Senior Bridge.

Humana began Humana Cares nearly five years ago and acquired national care management and homecare organization Senior Bridge in 2012. The firm created a combined Humana Cares/Senior Bridge division with a special focus on providing personalized chronic care management and homecare services that would help to decrease the number of hospitalizations as well as assisting members as they age.

“It’s a team approach to care. Many of our team members are scattered throughout the [Tampa] Bay area providing personalized services to patients,” says Mitch Lubitz, media relations leader for Humana.

More than 700 employees currently provide telephonic support to members throughout the country, helping them navigate through the healthcare system while field care teams including nutritionists, healthcare coaches and social workers conduct personal visits to enhance the quality of life to those needing support.

“Humana Cares/Senior Bridge responds to the clear need for highly trained advocates to help individuals at risk for multiple hospitalizations to navigate the complexities of their care with a highly personalized approach,” says Humana Cares/Senior Bridge President Eric C. Rackow, M.D.

The company plans to increase the number of Humana Cares/Senior Bridge members from 225,000 to 275,000 by the end of 2013.

Humana is currently completing renovations to add 8,000 square feet to its existing 75,000-square-foot St. Petersburg offices, making room for additional nurses and health coaches as they join the team. Renovations are expected to be complete by late summer 2013.

Humana additionally has a large nationwide commitment to veterans and plans to hire 1,000 veterans and their spouses over the next year.

“As we improve and expand our presence, we hope to make an impact on the economy. We want to continue to look at what the opportunities are across the board for people in the Tampa Bay area,” says Lubitz..

For information on hiring opportunities, candidates may visit Humana’s career services website.

Writer: Kaye Brown
Source: Eric Rackow and Mitch Lubitz, Humana
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