Manufacturer Moves From U.K. To Bradenton, 20 Jobs

An infrared inspection window manufacturer has relocated from the U.K. to Lakewood Ranch in Bradenton and is hiring for 20 additional jobs.

IRISS recently moved its headquarters to Bradenton, and according to Karen Wells, VP of Global Operations, IRISS is currently hiring sales reps and specialists in metal forming, powder coating, CNC punch press, stud welding, spot welding and assembly workers. "We committed to 20 more jobs starting out. But, as we grow, we’ll do better than that. This area presents an excellent opportunity to hire talented employees."

Wells, a graduate of Eastern Michigan University with a degree in industrial management, says IRISS founders Martin and Deborah Robinson opened the business in 1997 in the U.K. and subsequently moved the assembly portion of their business to Bradenton in 2005 because less stringent regulatory requirements exist in the U.S. The decision to relocate the headquarters to Manatee County is fueled by both climate and economic incentives.

"Manatee has a nice climate," says Wells. "And its infrastructure and the location of airports make it attractive as well. A lot of our clients come from up north and we want to entice them to attend our workshops. And this is a great area to come down and do that. And the county and state offered some tremendous incentives to move business here."

Wells says IRISS' future looks favorable. "We’ve been able to grow 60 percent year over year. We play in a marketplace that is easily a $10 billion industry and we should be able to obtain a big share of that industry -- $50 to $75 million in sales. Our business plan shows that we can reach that goal."
Writer: Missy Kavanaugh
Source: Karen Wells, IRISS, Inc.
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