A Million Jobs For America Helps Spread Word About Jobs In Florida

A new web-based company, A Million Jobs For America, is helping businesses and community organizations connect people with jobs across the country, including in the Tampa Bay region.

According to Mark Andrekovich, chief of human capital and president of tax credit and employer services for A Million Jobs For America, the process got started one April night on his couch when he was watching the evening television news. The news segment was about creating jobs and about how unemployed people weren't hearing about jobs that were available.

"Why not have a way that we can distribute jobs in the community to the people who need them the most," Andrekovich says he thought to himself.

He went to work to create a distribution network for job postings and now has 87,000 nonprofit organizations, church groups and government workforce offices in the network.

"We have a tool called Maxoutreach," Andrekovich said.

The tool maps job postings at corporations and businesses and sends them to nonprofit groups that help people find work. The nonprofits  spread the word about the jobs out into the larger community, particularly aiming to reach military veterans and people without computers.

According to Andrekovich, the A Million Jobs For America website has featured 480,052 jobs so far.

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Writer: Mandy Erfourth
Source: Mark Andrekovich, A Million Jobs for America

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