KiteDesk: Tampa Entrepreneurs Beta Test Cloud Host

Two Tampa Bay entrepreneurs have launched an online service that they envision dominating the cloud computing market in coming years.

Jack Kennedy and Jared Rodriguez are currently beta testing KiteDesk, a cloud solution they launched in December 2011 that provides users with integrated personal, professional and public content. Jack Kennedy, KiteDesk CEO, says the KiteDesk solution is easier to use and easier on the pocketbook.

"We help companies move to the cloud," explains Kennedy. "It feels more like what they're used to. And they save money in the process. And for individuals, it brings everything into one user interface -- all their messages, sites, social networks, etc. -- into one place."

Kennedy says the idea came to the men -- both of whom attended the University of South Florida -- when they were working at a software development company. 

"We were working for a company that focused on building development tools," explains Kennedy. "And as we started working with Google apps, we began to see opportunities to work outside the development ecosystem. We started experimenting with APIs (application programing interfaces), took a step back and looked at what we were hearing from vendors and users. We wanted to make it easier with the end user. We wanted to provide a way for the user to have everything in one place."

Kennedy says once the beta test is complete, KiteDesk will be available to the general public. He also says he anticipates adding positions to his core staff in May or June 2012. Prices for KiteDesk services range from free to $2 per month.

Writer: Missy Kavanaugh
Source: Jack Kennedy, KiteDesk
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