Niche Marketing Company Hiring In 2012, 8 Jobs

A marketing company specializing in strategic services for loyalty management is planning to hire in 2012.

Kobie Marketing plans to fill at least eight positions in coming months, which will include adding a director of client services, a solutions architect and several positions in its IT department.

Selena McLaughlin, human resources manager, says that the client services director and solutions architect positions require specific skill sets from candidates looking to fill them. "We are a specific niche," McLaughlin explains. "The person filling the director position needs to be familiar with loyalty rewards and marketing so they can hit the ground running. Any candidate for the solutions architect definitely needs to be business as well as tech savvy. This position used to be in Operations and we've shifted it to IT. So the person in this position needs to know IT solutions with respect to business. It's tough to fill because it's a compilation of roles rolled in to one. It will take a very specific individual with a very specific skill set: IT, business analytics and sales."

McLaughlin says Kobie has enjoyed steady growth and hiring, due mostly to word of mouth. "We've been growing exponentially every year," she says. "Last year we hired more than 25 employees, which speaks to our client base increasing as well as the diverse industries they represent. Certainly from a market perspective, we never stopped recruiting and hiring, even during the down time. When I've interviewed potential candidates, everyone is surprised that Kobie has continued to grow.
"Kobie also has enjoyed a lot more exposure in the media," McLaughlin continues. "We've won some awards and been recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the area. That's helped, too. And we're a women-owned business, which definitely gives us some exposure. Our employees talk about us a lot. Social media has been a big plus for us as well. So for us it's really word of mouth. We are very thankful for our success and try to give to the community on a quarterly basis. We don't forget our roots and where we've come from."

Writer: Missy Kavanaugh
Source: Selena McLaughlin, Kobie Marketing
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