Finnish Marina Builder Sails Into St. Pete, Creates 12+ Jobs

Marinetek North American, Inc. is anchoring itself in downtown St. Pete with plans to hire more than a dozen employees, and make an even bigger economic wave on the Tampa Bay region as the company buys materials locally. The company, which is a subsidiary of Marinetek Group based in Finland, builds luxury marinas, pontoons and related floating solutions and equipment.
While the company is global and sells to businesses around the world, business is booming in the U.S.
“The American market for marinas is what is driving the growth for our company,” says Kent Johansson, CEO of Marinetek North American, Inc. “Right now we already have seven people working in our St. Pete office, but we will be hiring more down the line.”
The growing company plans to build a staging and casting yard as part of its expansion and will need extra staff to make it all happen.
“The first phase of production will take place once we reach an agreement with the city of St. Petersburg, at that point we will hire five people,” Johansson says. “The second phase will be when we start production, which will result in an additional 10 to 12 people being hired, depending on how production is going.”
Johansson says the positions he will be looking to fill include management, engineering draftsmen and general labor, however, he says more jobs will be created indirectly because his company will be purchasing a large amount of supplies and equipment in the local economy.
Source: Kent Johansson, Marinetek North American, Inc.

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Kimberly Patterson is a news editor for 83 Degrees Media in the Tampa Bay region of Florida.
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