New College Of Florida Posts Four Jobs At Sarasota Campus

New College of Florida is accepting applications for three positions and a temporary position that has an excellent chance of becoming permanent.

New College is hiring an audio visual support specialist, a web support specialist and a PR support specialist. The temporary position is for a marketing specialist/ writer.

The audio visual support specialist position involves audio visual for on campus mutlimedia and non-academic events. This position also requires the person to manage and maintain maintenance on equipment.

Job specs call for the applicant to have a bachelor's of arts or science and at least three years of experience in digital and analog media equipment. If the applicant doesn't have a bachelor's degree, they are required to have five years of experience.

The web support position requires the successful applicant to help develop, maintain and manage the college's website in relation to marketing, recruitment and communication efforts. This is a part-time position and requires the applicant to have one to two years of experience in website design and management. The applicant must also be familiar with WebGUI or a similar web content management system, as well as knowledge of HTML, RSS, javascript, flash and other web platforms.

The PR support specialist position entails assisting the Office of Public Affairs with a variety of administrative writing and communication tasks.

The position requires the applicant to have excellent writing and verbal communication skills, knowledge of Microsoft Office programs and familiarity with graphic design and photo editing.

The marketing specialist position will involve writing press releases and web postings, helping develop college social media and assisting with advertising and publication design and layout.

New College, a small public honors college, is located in Sarasota.

Applicants can apply for these positions on New College's website.

Writer: Mandy Erfourth
Source: Jake Hartvigsen, New College of Florida
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