Peek Traffic + Telvent = Smooth Travels In Tampa Bay

Peek Traffic, which manufactures traffic control equipment, recently announced its partnership with Telvent, a high-technology firm.

Peek Traffic does a majority of its manufacturing at a 70,000-square-feet facility in Palmetto. According to company Representative Clara Alarcon, the partnership will result in better traffic control products and services.

One of the products that the companies are currently working on together is the ATC-1000 Controller. Alarcon says there are similar products out there already, but the ATC-1000 will be more efficient.

"All of us have driven by these machines; next time you are in your car stopped at an intersection, look for a metal box nearby a traffic pole," Alarcon says. "Inside it there are devices which control the traffic lights on that particular intersection. The ATC-1000 is the most advanced microcomputer available in the market today, however, with our partnership with Telvent's user-friendly interface, it will allow traffic operations in mid- and large-sized cities an advanced and cost-effective solution to increase the traffic flow and decrease traffic incidents."

Alacron goes on to explain why the new product is so important.

 "It is no longer enough to turn the traffic lights green or red," Alacron says. "Nowadays, it is necessary to monitor the amount of traffic that is traveling at a certain intersection, it is also important to be able to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances of living in cities. For example, the traffic at a particular corridor will not be the same at rush hour on Monday, as it is an hour before a main sporting event; therefore a multiple number of our devices will be installed on the roads in order to detect the traffic and interact with the traffic lights."

Peek Traffic employs nearly 100 people in the Tampa Bay region.

Writer: Kimberly Patterson
Source: Clara Alarcon, Peek Traffic

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Kimberly Patterson is a news editor for 83 Degrees Media in the Tampa Bay region of Florida.
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