Real Estate Lives Helps People Reinvent Themselves, Rebuild Careers

Real estate is one aspect of the Tampa Bay region's economy that has been especially hard-hit during the current economic downturn. Jobs that were once filled by people who were all but assured of earning enough money to support their families and maybe a few dreams have become job descriptions on the resumes of the now-unemployed professionals who once sold houses, arranged mortgages and put together deals during the past economic boom time.

One group working hard to ensure that people who lost jobs in the real estate industry have access to information and opportunities that can help them rebuild their careers is Real Estate Lives. Unemployed workers who become involved in the organization can participate in networking events, find out about training opportunities and discover available jobs, many of which are listed exclusively with Real Estate Lives.

Tampa lawyer Ron Weaver and some of his friends and colleagues started the nonprofit group toward the end of 2008 to help real estate professionals who had lost jobs and were at risk of losing even more. Community organizations, schools and real estate industry groups also pitched in by making resources available to help with the endeavor.

It's an effort that's starting to pay off as the economy slowly comes back to life.

"We've had an increase in activity in the last four or five weeks where two or three people a day are finding work." Weaver says. He cautions however, that while there are some bright spots, the industry still has a long way to go before it recovers sufficiently to where his organization may no longer be needed. It's a sentiment that Weaver spells out clearly on the Real Estate Lives website:

"There will be but one way to measure our success and that's when all of our REbounders are back at work and we close our doors. Then we'll know we were a success."

You can find out more about Real Estate Lives by visiting its website at

Writer: Brad Stager
Source: Ron Weaver, Real Estate Lives

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