State College Of Florida In Bradenton Seeks Adjunct Professors, Teachers

As Manatee County's population grows and its business environment develops, State College of Florida in Bradenton is playing an important role in training the local workforce and providing employment opportunities for people who want to work in an academic setting.

The school began as Manatee Junior College in 1957 and initially provided college-bound students an economical way to complete the first two years of a four-year degree. By the time it became Manatee Community College in 1985, its mission expanded to providing two-year degrees that enabled students to fill the needs of the local business community. That aspect of the college has expanded to the point where it now provides Baccalaureate degrees in nursing, health sciences, public safety and early childhood education. SCF also provides specific workforce training for companies that want to improve employee business and computer skills on a contract basis.

Providing that range of educational options requires staff employees and faculty members who have a passion for knowledge. The school's educational team also includes part-time, or adjunct, instructors to teach its students. A review of the SCF website shows numerous openings for instructors to teach a variety of classes, from core academic subjects to workforce-oriented courses in health and business programs.

Drawing upon the experience and expertise within the community is one of the school's strengths, according to Katherine Walker, SCF's director of public affairs and marketing. She cites demonstrable accomplishment in a field or subject matter as an important qualification for an adjunct instructor, but the school looks for more than that.

"Here, probably more than at some institutions, an open-mindedness and willingness to think outside the box is an approach that we would want in people who join us," she says.

You can check State College of Florida's employment opportunities by clicking here.

Writer: Brad Stager
Source: Katherine Walker, State College of Florida
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