Tampa Marketing Firm Adds Writing, Sales and Web Jobs

Socius Marketing, a company that provides organic search engine optimization and search-friendly web design and development, is seeking staff writers, outside sales associates, web maintenance professionals and web designers/developers.

Launched in 2006 and headquartered in Tampa, the firm was started by Bob Ford, chief operating officer, and Chris Behan, president, while working out of their dining rooms. It has since grown to 20 full-time employees housed in a building on Rocky Point Drive.

Socius is the Latin word for "partner" and Socius has served as a sales partner to their clientele. Through SEO, Socius Marketing assists clients with marketing their products and services through the client's company-owned website. Ford says they enable their clients to change their philosophy on how they view their website.

Clients are encouraged to treat their website like their sales department, and hold it to quotas and expectations, the same way a sales person has quotas and expectations. Through targeted focus and research of the market, Socius determines what consumers are looking for on the Internet, how they're looking for the product or service and assists their client in converting the traffic into sales leads.

In this challenging economy, Socius has thrived and Ford says, "I think what has really helped us here versus a lot of other businesses in this economy, is that we can bring some degree of hope to a business. We can help them capture a consumer segment that in the past they may have not focused on."

In addition to Tampa, Socius has a sales force in Atlanta, however, as an SEO firm, much of their business is done virtually and they support customers across the country.

"A lot of our customers have gone from being local to national to almost international now," says Ford.

Socius has been adding new clients monthly, and with that comes growth of their own in-house talent and the currently open positions.

Writer: Nancy Vaughn
Source: Bob Ford, Socius Marketing
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