USF Helps Develop First See-Thru SolarWindow

Even if you decide to look out the window and daydream, the new SolarWindow will be getting some work done.

SolarWindow is a brand new technology that will transform natural and artificial light sources into power sources. Developed by New Energy Technologies, the SolarWindow is the first of its kind to generate electricity on see-thru glass. Until now, solar panels have been opaque, blocking visibility and preventing light from passing through glass surfaces.

How is electrical power generated? Through a patent-pending process that allows SolarWindow coatings to be sprayed onto glass at room temperature. This eliminates high-temperature or high-vacuum production methods that are commonly used by current solar manufacturers. The next step for New Energy researchers is to work on developing low-cost production methods, improved manufacturing ability and increased power performance to enable SolarWindow to be a truly sustainable product. New methods and technologies will be implemented moving forward and the working prototype of the SolarWindow will serve as the model for future advancements in various surface coating techniques.

Xiaomei Jiang, lead researcher at the Department of Physics at the University of South Florida, has been working with the world's smallest working organic solar cells, which enabled her to generate electricity on see-thru glass. Jiang's work and collaboration of the physics lab research team helped New Energy Technologies to develop an early stage prototype of SolarWindow.

"Over the past year-plus, among other progress, we have made significant strides with efficiency and power output thanks to the SolarWindow(tm) team at USF led by Dr. Xiaomei Jiang," says John Conklin, president and chief executive officer of New Energy Technologies, Inc. "This working prototype demonstrates a first-of-its kind technology that utilizes both natural and artificial light sources and is the result of a seamless partnership that we look forward to continuing to bring this game-changing technology to the commercial market."

On Thursday, Sept. 16, at 2:30 p.m., a small-scale SolarWindow prototype will be publicly unveiled at USF. The demonstration will be led by Jiang, and the event will be hosted by John A. Conklin, president and chief executive officer of New Energy Technologies.

The event will be held in the Science Center (SCA) Board Room & Research Laboratory (411 & 421), where both natural and artificial light will be used as power sources for the demonstration.

Writer: Nancy Vaughn
Source: John Conklin, New Energy Technologies, Inc.

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